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Canon 6D Mark II when?

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    The price of Current Canon 6D has been slashed down that clearly hints that Canon wants to clear the stock quickly by selling their more than four years old product, so that they can stock their upcoming product that is 6D Mark II. As I expect, the sweet time of Canon 6D Mark II could be CP+ show of 2017 (February).

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    one thing that strongly strike my mind is that will Canon announce the 6D Mark II camera very soon since they have recently announced highly anticipated Canon 5D Mark IV. However, I believe, Canon won’t take much time for this 6D Mark II announcement, but we should wait for atleast Q1 of 2017.

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    Rock, you are right, I also think the same way, but I should wait for 6D Mark II.

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    Canon 6D Mark II may features Duak Pixel CMOS AF with 4K support

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